Dicen que somos lo que nos gusta, esta soy yo.
  • "Él es anatómicamente perfecto… y estoy segura de estar hecha para que esos brazos me rodeen y ese torso me proteja."
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    Mustard, Franky, Beppe_digital flow team

    SUBMISSION: Dirty Dressed 2014_Italy

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    How many secrets can u keep?

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    Canción: Do I wanna know - Arctic Monkeys

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    Quédate un rato más, que me haces perfecto el paisaje ~

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    Canción: Bahía - Rawayana

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    I hope that you see me,
Cause I’m staring at you ~

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Canción: Hurricane Drunk - Florence and The Machine

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    Had a bit of time to waste, so I doodled on a piece of cardboard. #doodle #sketch #drawing #art #illustration #graphicdesign #pen #character #smoke #ink